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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Home Stretch!

I am sorry that I have been absent. I have been participating in our challenge but have really slacked on the blogging. Thanks to Aubrey for keeping us afloat over the past few weeks.

This is it, ladies! We have one last week to go! For a while it felt like our challenge would never end, but now I can't believe that we're starting week 10 tomorrow. I know that most of us have struggled to meet our goals, but I'm feeling like we have not struggled in vain!

I promise to get fines and points up-t0-date in the next couple of days, so we can know where we stand.

How are you feeling? Did anyone else get their second wind like I did? What changes have you seen in yourself? What do you wish we had done differently? Please leave a comment with some feedback.

And let's go out strong. I'm committing to tougher, longer workouts this week and more time with the scriptures. How about you?


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

I, too, am committed to more time with the scriptures this week. Finishing out strong will help me keep it up once our challenge is over. This challenge has been great timing for me. The last ten weeks have been some of the most physically challenging for me with some health issues and experimenting with new medications. I've needed all the extra strength I have gotten from immersing myself in the scriptures. Everyone have a great last week!

Rebecca said...

I'm committed to getting deeper into what I read. I love that I've established the habit again of reading every day, like I did when I was in Seminary! It feels good. Lately I haven't paid as much attention to what I've read, but it still has a big difference on what I think about, and the choices I make daily.

This challenge is worth its weight in gold! Or, maybe chocolate gold "coins".

My Ice Cream Diary said...

It is 8:30pm, we have yet to have FHE (Waiting for hubby to get home) and I still need to get in my 1/2 hour exercise for this week's goals. I'm determined to get it done!