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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Participant Updates

I'd like to welcome Erin, aka Prudy, to our Healthy Habits challenge and remind you that if you know someone who wants to join us it's not too late. I love seeing everyone's various goals and am so glad that I decided to leave the goal setting part up to each of you, rather than trying to pick a goal for all of us to achieve.

If you get a chance, stop by Rebecca's blog for an update on why she's been in the hospital. We love you, Rebecca, and hope you are back at full speed soon. And remember that the sidebar pictures link to blogs. A few of them are private, but most are not, so you can get to know the other participants better.

I've noticed that some of our participants very rarely(or never) check in. Are you there? You don't need to report daily if that is overkill for you, but let us know how you are doing. Since there aren't any real penalties here except for not achieving your goals, the sense of accountability to the group and to the goal in your sidebar is critical to your success! Okay, enough nagging. Get out there and reach your goals, girls!


Erika said...

I am winning the lame award...didn't exercise yesterday either.

but am *almost* caught up on scripture reading

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I'm checking in for the rest of the weekend. Sunday, not much to report. I didn't feel good again and lay on the couch nursing a headache. But, I didn't eat treats, so yay.

Then yesterday, I did good, I mean well. I dragged myself to the gym, even though I did kind of slow settings on the treadmill. I only had one treat (I'm not exactly sure how many small handfuls of chocolate chips counts as one treat, but I'll let ignorance be bliss in this case). And I'm going to assume that studying the general conference Ensign can count as my scripture study, so all good for Monday.

This morning I went to the doctor (finally 3 weeks later) and I have a sinus infection. Hopefully my antibiotics will kick in soon and I'll be a ball of energy and health... minus the Thanksgiving pies.

mommyofthree said...

Steph--sorry about the sinus infection, those are miserable. Well done on exercising with it. Ugh.

I didn't study my scriptures before computer time, so that means it's tonight when I won't get as much out of it. Darn.

I didn't eat an extra fruit or veggie today with lunch (I had none, actually, which is terrible.) I'm blaming it all on the fact that I had a mammogram today for the first time. That ought to account for something!

As far as the service thing goes, we didn't do anything last week (except give people rides to church--which I don't think counts) but we have three things planned for the next two days. (Oh, and thanks for the suggestions of service. Today it was 22 degrees here with the wind chill, so you can maybe see why I am dragging my feet a bit on the picking up garbage on a walk. We sort of don't go on walks much from now until May.) ;)

Christine said...

I never have trouble with eating my fruits and veggies. Let's face it, putting stuff in my mouth is never a problem. The more the better, right? I've been slacking about the snacks. But I have been good about excersizing. It's not that hard here. I have to walk everywhere. I know I'm not actually breaking a sweat but it will have to do for now. Tomorrow is my birthday, the big 30, and I'm not going to do the usual. I've been studying the scriptures every day though. Happy Thanksgivig to all.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm so glad I didn't set any goals on weight, food, or exercise right now because I would have totally bombed them all.

I only got takeout once, but then my husband bought me a Quizno's sub so that was 2 times again (seems to be the number I can't beat).

I failed miserably on getting out of the house. I got out plenty but only to various grocery stores. I've been stuck in the kitchen all week it seems and that it a bad excuse.

I am happy to say that I have stuck to my scripture reading goal. It is random and I'm not remembering much but I can still feel a difference being made just in the way I act and the choices I'm making.

I'm currently trying to find a way to get running/jogging/walking back into my life. When I figure it out I will add it to my goals.

Michal said...

aaaah! i did not make my goals this week. i exercised three times (all of them walks with my kids, which aren't the best but are better than nothing.) i did scripture study 5 days instead of 7 and didn't pay attention to my fruits and veggies once wednesday hit. because i consumed at least two pieces of pie each day on THFS, i may have hit my target (pumpkin, apples, and berries all count as fruits and veggies!:)
i hereby commit that this week i will accomplish all three of my goals. i think the exercise will be the hardest, as i can feel myself getting lazier and lazier lately when it comes to that. thank goodness i have to report myself to you, or i wouldn't have gone out at all this week.

Rebecca said...

I invented a crustless pumpkin pie that uses 2 cans pumpkin, only 6 Tbs sugar and stevia powder for sweetener. Once I perfect it I'll post the recipe, if anyone wants!