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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A New Week, A New Chance

Many of us (including me) did not meet our goals last week. Even more haven't checked in with us to report yet. I hope you stop in and share your successes and trip-ups with the rest of our group.

As much as I enjoyed last week, with the never-ending food, guests, and games to be played, I am ready to get back into the swing of things this week. I am ready to not look at pie again for at least a few days:), to exercise more, and to read my scriptures EVERY SINGLE DAY. With that being said, that will require me breaking the bad habit that I got into this last week of sleeping until 7:30 each morning. Yikes! Here's hoping that I can do it. Kimball and I have a math date at 6:15 am tomorrow on the living room couch. If I blow that off, the whole day will go downhill.

What are your goals for this week? Are they different from the general goals that you've set? Have you decided to increase them or ease them up a little so that they fit your life better? Fill us in!


Joyful Noise said...

I definitely did much better when I was motivated in the previous competition to exercise everyday. Reporting on my failures is not helping me too much...But I guess it is nice that we have company in our misery.

I actually did fairly well for the main Thanksgiving meal and all the leftovers. Didn't write everything down like I had "suggested" in my goals, but I was in pretty good control. So Thursday and Friday I did well, but then "Prudy's" maple donuts did me in on Saturday morning. We wanted to share our new discovery of the best donuts in the world to all of our family and I just couldn't stop with one. Didn't do a bit a good for my blood sugar....

So, I guess this is a new week, and off to the gym I go in the morning. Need to get back in to the clothes I bought at the end of our last challenge....

Erika said...

I'm redoubling efforts on exercising...have decided to go out EVERY DAY to hang door hangers for Tyler. We've printed off a neighborhood and have a goal to get it done by the end of the week. Double motivation :-)
as for scriptures, I was able to read a lot in the car, have 100 pages left! Yay!

Rebecca said...

Unfortunately, my scripture study went almost the whole way out the window. I read yesterday, and feel better for it!

I did exercise twice last week, then got sick. Eating-wise I did great. If I feel well enough today I'm going to exercise some.

Becky said...

Well ok then! Spending a week on vacation with family around and sitting in a hotel room did not bode well for my excersise. The most I did was a few hikes with the family.
Scripture reading went well until more family came on Tuesday. I've gotten back on track the last two days tho.
I ate well I think and will plan a gocery list today that includes meal plans.

TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

Over the weekend--
Well, not so good on the adding veggies and fruits. I did it on Thanksgiving, but shouldn't count it because they were full of butter, cream or sugar--not exactly healthy.

I didn't do too well on scripture study either, but we got in three service projects with the kids, so I'm feeling good about that.

Today, I did do my scripture study before computer time, but didn't add any veggies or fruits. Tomorrow I'll do better.

An Ordinary Mom said...

We'll just forget about the pie I ate last week ...

And move on to today :) !!

Exercise? Yep
Water? Yep
Scripture Study? Yep
Ate less sugar? Kinda ... turned down a few things :) !!

momof5 said...

I'm back in the game! After driving a total of 1700 miles this past week, I'm dedicated to a fresh start. I did exercise twice last week. I ate a lot but not exactly sure what is considered a fruit or vegetable. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, yams with marshmellows-- Do they count as vegetables? If so then I definitely got 5 a day.

Rebecca said...

I can't believe I missed the post prior to this one! I feel really bad about that.

Thank you, Michal for being so sweet. I'm so glad to be back!

I did read scriptures yesterday, but didn't quite feel well enough to exercise. Hopefully tonight.

Rebecca said...

Last night I both exercised and read my scriptures. Hooray!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

You haven't heard much from me because I'm FAILING. :) I've done well with scriptures, not so well with sweets, and I'm a week without exercise (I know, I know, I know.) Monday I will start a new week. I have some plans to do better.

Aubrey said...

Well, the past week and a half have been awful. I declare a do-over!
So, today being fast Sunday I am starting over. New slate. I am doing well overall, but just need to get serious again.

Hope everyone is keeping up with it all and enjoyng the season!

scrap chair potato said...

Last week...terrible. This week...so far so good!