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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feedback. I Need Some.

One down, one to go. Holidays, that is. We made it through Christmas and have a few days until the New Year.

I don't know about you girls, but I have found it to be more challenging than I anticipated to stay focused on my goals in December. I am, however, really getting geared up for goal achieving in the New Year. I know it is cliche, but I am all about a fresh start, and especially after the overindulgence/ lack of routine/ general sloth of the holiday season, I am never more ready to change my ways than I am in January.

So, here's my real question for you: What should our New Year Healthy Habit Challenge look like? This one hasn't worked out so great--most of our participants haven't checked in in weeks. But maybe the holiday was the problem. Do we need to charge $20 up front to join and promise that you'll get your money back if you achieve your goals? Do we need to set up a penalty for not meeting a weekly or daily goal (but have it be free to join?) What would help motivate you? The point is to help you achieve your goals . . . So ponder on that question and then leave a comment with your input. PLEASE!


Joyful Noise said...

I definitely need some kind of a reward or penalty. Being my own monitor did not work for me. I want to start something new in January and need some kind of motivation, and it needs to be more than just checking in and telling everyone how I am doing. Even if there is no money involved, it helped me to need to earn points every day and then be accountable to the chart. (Oh yeah, I still owe six bucks....)

Anyway, I want to have something, but I need to be more accountable than just writing about how hard it is to stay on track....

Talk about falling off the wagon...

Scrappy said...

I like the idea of it being free to join but having a penalty. I don't usually like the idea of a New Year's resolution, but it sure seems like a good time for a new (or recycled) Healthy Habit.

Rebecca said...

Sorry I haven't posted. It being Christmas week, I've been not so diligent.

The things that helped me the most in the beginning were the daily posts, and following the blog in some way. If someone signs up but doesn't check the blog daily and doesn't receive notices that a new post is up, it's easy to ignore it.

Is there any way to schedule a post on the days no one is posting? Or even on our posting days, that we don't need to write anything except a "How's everyone doing today" post?

Those two things would make a big difference to me.

I didn't post today because I was thinking about yours, and didn't want to add anything until we get this figured out.

Joyful Noise said...

I started today and this is my way of being accountable and feeling like someone is noticing. I exercised for an hour (HARD) and I wrote everything down that I ate (1000 calories), drank six HUGE glasses of water and didn't eat ANY sugar. Major accomplishment. If I can make it three more days than I think I can get through craving the sugar.

New year, new me.

Michal said...

Debbie, I am so proud of you! That is wonderful. Keep it up. I'll try to get the new challenge posted today, but it won't start until next week; I have to give people some time to read about it and to commit. You will have a head start on us by beating those sugar cravings. :)