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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Posty Randomness

I'm sitting here feeling like I'm in the Twilight Zone, and no, I don't mean that Twilight.

Princess is in the bathtub just around the corner from me, and she's yelling "Lion, the baloney sandwich is about to start!" I have no idea what this means as she's never even had a baloney sandwich. What kind of play is this? I'm feeling a little foggy-headed.

This week has been highly anticipated for me. The opportunity to start a new goal. My goal is reading my scriptures daily, and I'm glad I signed up for it. I'm already feeling a bit more spiritual because of it, even after only two days. It's amazing what paying attention to what you read does. A lot of the time I wouldn't even remember what I had read two seconds after I read it, but I'm including paying attention with my part of the challenge. I think I've gotten more out of two nights than I've gotten in weeks, and I didn't read a whole lot either.

By the way, all those who are on the scripture challenge may want to check their numbers. When I went to update mine yesterday there was already a point there. Either someone put it in for me, or they accidentally put their point on mine and shorted themselves.

Ugh. I just tried to eat a naturally fruit juice sweetened lemon yogurt and I still have the onion taste in my mouth from lunch so it tastes like Chinese food. I love Chinese food, but not yogurt-flavored. Take that as the diet tip for the day! Although...I'm pregnant so barbecue chips taste like gingerbread and diet lemonade like cedar shavings. I don't have those things often, and now I have a double reason!

I know this post is random, but I'm pretty tired at the moment so I hope you'll all excuse me. I just wanted to cheer all of us on, and share that I've found out that keeping goals--even when you're really tired--feels good. It makes us feel better, stronger, happier. We accomplish something important every day, and that strengthens our character.

How's everyone's week going?


Michal said...

i am so grateful to be back at this challenge. it helps me to look for ways every day to exercise. the past few days have been beautiful here, and i've been taking my kids out for a walk (with the older ones on bikes and me pushing a stroller with 70 lbs of kids in it) in the afternoons. they are loving it, and so is my body after several weeks of sloth.

as for the scripture study, i too have been getting a lot out of it. i already mostly read the scriptures daily, but i'm finding that a commitment to actually read daily feels different. and i'm recording my thoughts and responses to the things i'm studying, which always means that i get more out of it.

yes, it feels good to meet our goals.

Aubrey said...

I'm always so much happier when I push thorugh the tired to keep that goal. That's the point of having the goal, I guess. It keeps you going when otherwise you'd get lazy.
Yeah for your good week!

Joyful Noise said...

We are chugging right along. The gym has been beating us up, but I am feeling a little better today. By next week maybe we won't be so sore and tired...

Becky said...

I'm feeling good about exercising even though right now I feel really beat up. I'm losing inches stadily and I can feel my body reshaping itself. Scripture study daily is going fine but I don't have my own set right now which means I'm not marking in them. I need to get a hold of my own set this weekend so I can "delv" more into the scriptures.