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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sick Rules

For full details on our New Year Healthy Habits Challenge, read here. We start on Monday, January 12th! Join us!

Okay, here's what I think about sick days and the exercise portion of our challenge. As a recent cold was the final straw in breaking my exercise routine, I understand that some days you just might not have the required health to make this goal happen. At the same time, giving blanket sick days any time you want encourages skipping the exercise--at least it does for me. So here's the plan. You can take up to 3 sick days during the 10 week challenge. Since we're only committing to 5 days of workouts in a week, that means you could either take lots of days off one week when you were really sick, or have three weeks with three days off in each week. On your 3 sick days you will not accrue penalty charges, but you will also not accrue points towards our total. So if you are trying to win this game, you'll need to try to push through the sick and do something resembling exercise.

Hopefully, we'll all be so healthy that our immune systems will fight off the nasty flu that is rampant this time of year. That would be a great perk, wouldn't it?

Don't forget to encourage your friends and family to join our challenge.


Rebecca said...

I'm going to join the scripture study challenge.

I'll do the exercise one too, but modified and I won't officially sign up, just read everyone else's progress for inspiration! That should help me get some in. I'll try for at least 15 minutes a day. Even when I'm feeling nauseated sometimes I'll have short breaks where I can try to exercise. Will that be ok? I won't mention it in my posts since I'm not formally doing the exercise challenge.

I'm also going to do the one week goals.

The scripture reading is going to help a lot, I know it! Thanks for setting this up!

(Do you still want me on the same posting schedule as before, or are we changing that?)

Michal said...

that sounds great! i'm glad that you are going to challenge yourself to exercise, even if you don't feel comfortable signing up for that portion of the challenge.

as far as posting, why don't you just pick one day a week to post. that will be your day. we won't have daily posts, but that way we'll get in at least 3 a week. you can always schedule yours ahead, too, if you know that your day is going to be busy that week.

Rebecca said...

Any weekday is fine for me. How about Wednesday?

And I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know how to schedule ahead. I've tried to figure it out and couldn't. I'll try Googling it.

Michal said...

when you are composing your post, look for the link that shows "post options". it shows the time and date stamp there. just change it to show wednesday's date and whatever time you want it to post. it's as easy as can be (although it took me a while to figure out that it was easy!)

Rebecca said...

That is easy! So easy I'm not surprised I missed it. ;) Thanks!

Aubrey said...

Um, are we on a posting schedule??? I have been MIA. But give me a day and I will post something. I'm guessing this is becoming the inspirational get-out-and-get-going-on-your-goals blog. Which is great. Who coudn't do with some inspiration!