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Monday, February 16, 2009

Bonus Point Offering!

Hello, fellow achievers! We are now entering Week 6 of our challenge--the second half. It is easy to lose steam once the novelty wears off, but let's keep each other going and motivated. I'm noticing lots of holes for last week--as in people who haven't entered any points at all! I'm assuming that half of you didn't suddenly stop exercising completely and that instead you've just stopped updating our spreadsheet regularly. Please take a moment to fill it out before the time gets away from you. It's much harder to be accurate when you're having to work from your long term memory!

How is everyone feeling about this? I'm offering a bonus point (added to your total) for each person who leaves a comment telling us how they are doing/feeling/looking etc. Have you seen any changes? What is hard and what has become automatic? (If you aren't a registered blogger, you can still comment as "anonymous". Just sign your name at the bottom of the comment so we know who you are.


Scrappy said...

I am not only commenting to get the extra point, but I sure could use it.

I have definitely lost steam (as if I ever had it) lately. I only read the scriptures once last week. ONCE!! Terrible!

As for exercise I am not doing too well either. I am doing it but I am not putting as much into it as I should. I joined this group hoping it would be the thing that got me off the couch (well, computer really) but it is just making me feel more guilty. I have decided that I need to start commenting here for more support. How can I expect support if I am not reaching out to you all, right?

Joyful Noise said...

I need the point, but would also like to comment and tell a little about my achievements.

As of last Thursday I had lost three inches in each of my thighs, 1 inch off bust, 3 inches off my waist, and 2 inches off my hips. Now of course this indicates that I had A LOT to lose (and still have a long way to go....), but I am at least making progress.

We went away for the week-end and I am sure the measuring tape will not be kind to me, but tomorrow is a new day!

I have discovered my body does not like wheat and I indulged several times this week-end (homemade hot whole wheat bread - couldn't resist). So I fell off the wagon, but I am feeling the effects so I am hoping that I will remember how bad I feel.

I love having to be accountable to the group. Let's all commit to start again tomorrow!

Joni said...

I definitely need the the point, too. While I have improved at my scripture study for the most part, I have had a very difficult time meeting the goal of exercising 5 times a week. Maybe it isn't realistic for me, but I'm still keeping it as my goal as it does provide extra motivation. Even though I haven't been exercising as frequently as I had hoped, I have still had a lot of success...as of last Tuesday I have lost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year. I feel very good about my weight loss achievements thus far and am committed to reaching my weight loss goals. Unfortunately, at the rate I'm going, unless I can exercise at least 5 times a week for the remaining weeks, I'm going have to drop out soon because I've already lost quite a bit of money. So I need some clarification...Is it $25 to exit both challenges or $25 per challenge? I hate to drop out at all, but it doesn't mean I can't keep working toward my goals.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I know I'm a whimp, but every time I read this, I'm so glad I didn't commit to the exercise bit. The challenge HAS helped me to be consistent about scripture study. And I was just telling my husband tonight that I have felt an alarming and even a tad-bit overwhelming increase in revelation and promptings. I'm absolutely certain the scripture reading has been the key. (p.s. In my own rules, careful study of general conference talks and devotionals from 1st pres. or 12 apostles counts, too.)

Garbett Family said...

I have to say the scripture reading has really been wonderful. I can feel the effects in our home--less stress and more of the spirit. It has brought my husband and I closer together, and we feel good that we are being a positive example to our babies. I'm really grateful for this chance to get back in the habit! The exercise part has been super stressful, mainly because finding time is difficult. My husband and I both work, have two boys under the age of two and my husband is also a full time student. Basically we're exhausted! :) I love jogging so it has been a good chance for "me" time! Does anyone have any suggestions for finding time?!?! Do I get to skip making dinner and cleaning to exercise? :)

Garbett Family said...


Andrea said...

I do need the point and I need to use some of my sick days for the last 2 weeks. I have definitely felt a difference and motivation with you guys and my sister. She was the one that reminded me to update the spreadsheet. This has been especially good during the winter months when the colder weather makes me feel less inclined to exercise.
Thank you!

TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

I have noticed a difference in my patience with my kids with my consistent scripture study. It's great.
I admire all of you doing the exercise portion. I am not at a place where I can physically do that right now, but it takes a lot of effort and you all should be proud of yourselves!

Becky said...

Good, I need the point. I was doing very well up until last week. I had Aunt Flo visit and then we went on a trip. My habbits always go kaput when I leave for a trip and I'm going to have to use a sick day for last week.

Aubrey said...

So good to hear from everyone on here! I, too find more patience with my family when I am more diligent in scripture reading. And I am more commited to exercising on the weekends now which I wasn't before.

Michal said...

i have not been as successful as i'd hoped with my exercise--even with this challenge, the best i've managed during the past two weeks is four times. but without you guys, i guarantee that i'd have completely blown off exercise. with a combination of pregnancy fatigue, the rain here, and my own laziness, it never sounds good to me. but i already knew that about myself, which is why i initiated this challenge! i need you guys more than you need me.

i'm grateful that it has been making my scripture study consistent. some weeks have been more quality than others in my study and thus, in my results. but i have ALWAYS noticed a direct correlation between regular, quality scripture study and personal revelation/mood/ability to have the spirit with me. i figure that even if every day isn't my best, having the daily habit means that i'll have a lot more quality days than otherwise. does that make sense?
i think i'll do a post answering everyone's questions and concerns, just in case everyone doesn't check back at comments.