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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Little Pick Me Up

I haven't ever shared a recipe on an blog before. Not because I am not a cook. I am. A pretty good one even. I just have not wanted to do that. Until today. And I don't know if this can really be considered a recipe, because it is really however you want to make it, but it's yummy and a guaranteed pick me up. Just ask my 1 year old:

Actually, these pictures do not do justice to breakfast this morning. This kid had smoothie ALL. OVER. HERSELF. She'd drain her little cup and then stick it out begging for a refill. "Please, sir. May I have some more?" (Name that movie.)

Green Smoothie:

1-2 cups of spinach

1-2 cups (or more) frozen fruit

2 Tablespoons honey


optional: a couple of tablespoons of flax meal

Blend it all up in the blender and serve. You can use fresh fruit and and ice if you don't have frozen.

My kids love this stuff. And it gets spinach in them. Spinach! And it's low-cal and refreshing.

Hope this gives you some great energy to keep on truckin' along in your exercise routine!


Scrappy said...

Mmmm...my kids were obsessed with spinach smoothies around this time last year. I need to start that up again. Thanks for the reminder.

Michal said...

oliver twist!

love the "green smoothies" around these parts. we haven't had them in a while. that sounds like just the thing to perk up our breakfast rut.

Rebecca said...

I know that quote because Professor was in the play! "Oliver Twist"!

I was doing green smoothies before I got pregnant and the very thought of them sent my stomach swirling. It's about time to start them again!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

We just did this the other night with our breakfast dinner. The kids loved them and I loved telling them they were drinking spinach (after they had finished it, of course). They were so yummy.

Christine said...

just had a green smoothie this morning. It was my first one. My first of many:)

Joni said...

I'll have to try it. I love the green smoothies you buy at the store. Hopefully my little one will like it too.

Some sad news, I have to exit the fitness challenge because I already owe at least $25. It doesn't mean I'm not going to keep my goal and keep trying. This year has just been rough for me so far as I've been sick a lot and have had many other challenges. So, I'm really trying to think outside of the box and doing things such as dancing with/for my baby, yoga podcasts, parking extra far away in the parking lot... it doesn't always add up to 30 minutes, but I feel good about doing something at least.

Also, I am still in the scripture challenge which is helping me tremendously as last year after having a baby, I got out of the habit of daily scripture study, so this is helping me get back on track. I wish everyone good luck on accomplishing your goals, whatever they may be.